Alex Belomlinsky/ vector graphics/ Vector icons/ vector illustration

Why did you click?

You clicked didn’t you? You may not even realize why you did.

Were you just curious, did you do it out of boredom, or were you so used to being bombarded with typical marketing material screaming “click me“, “click me” that seeing something that instructed you to do the complete opposite naturally appealed to you?

To us this is what “disruptive content” is all about. The ability to make the viewer STOP and do a double take is a highly effective way of gaining their attention. It is not a cheap trick as our goal is not to trick you into reading something that you had no interest in reading. We aim to raise awareness to a million dollar question “In a world over-saturated with marketing and advertising everywhere one looks how do we capture someone’s attention?”

Disruptive Content may be the answer.  If you are looking to create content that works harder than your typical online or print advertising you have to do the same. As an advertiser it is your goal to take your client’s objectives beyond the pretty layout and clever messaging. Your aim is to break through the clutter and deliver your client’s message to his intended target audience. To achieve this you need to look at things from a different angle and gain insight into the psyche of your audience. What they will respond do?  Will their reaction be a positive one? How to properly channel the desired response and drive conversion? You have to carefully consider all these questions as well as your target audience as you introduce disruptive content into your overall advertising campaign.

If you’d like to learn more about disruptive content or to discuss your advertising goals please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you are looking for content for your next design initiative our portfolio of 45,000 vector icons and illustration is a great place to start.