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Business and Finance black & white vector icon set

Finding the perfect vector icons or icon set for your applications can be frustrating and, time-consuming. Whether you want to give your in-house computer network a unified look with a customized computer icon theme or you need images that will entice clients to click through on your website or check out your app, finding a good source for high quality vector illustrations can be maddening. Luckily, we have the solution: Concept of the Day!

About Alex Belomlinsky and his Work
Founded by graphic artist and designer Alex Belomlinsky, Concept of the Day is populated with over 45,000 royalty-free, high-quality vector icons for personal or professional use. Alex started this site because of his disappointment with the low-quality vector illustrations and icons available for professional use. With 15 years of graphic design experience behind him, Alex turned his attention to creating vector icon sets to assist other professional people who had encountered the same frustrations he himself found. In the process, he’s created some of the finest computer icons available.