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Creating an Innovative Learning Experience with Educational Vector Icons

Educational Icon Set

Students of all ages respond well to vibrant and interesting visual imagery. As a teacher, you can capture their imaginations and get them excited about learning throughout the school year by utilizing educational graphics. Educational vector icons can be used for a variety of innovative and instructional purposes that will convey your message to your students. You can find back to school images and other icons in our Educational Vectors Collection.

Classroom Newsletters
Many teachers create and send out classroom newsletters detailing what you and your students are working on and what your goals are for your class in the coming weeks and months. Rather than send out a newsletter void of any decorations or graphics, you can download vector icons that can add dimension and character to your newsletter.

For example, an icon set that contains colorful images like an old-fashioned schoolhouse, a ringing hand bell, or even a book with turning pages can provide you with creative educational icons to use for your newsletter. These sets also are a great value because they provide you with several images to use for one price.

Back to School vector Illustration by bubaone

Back to School Vector Illustration by Alex Belomlinsky

Classroom Websites
As schools embrace technology and the Internet, many teachers have taken to creating classroom websites. Your website can be a great resource for keeping parents in the loop and alerting your students and their parents about upcoming events like field trips and tests.

When you want to make your website as exciting and engaging as possible, you can do so by downloading and using back to school images and other educational icons that will add character and an element of fun. For example, a popular icon set that you may consider for your website contains images like a computer mouse, a football helmet, a school bus, and an apple.

16 Icon Complete Back to School Vector Illustration by Alex Belomlinsky

16 Icon Complete Back to School Vector Illustration by Alex Belomlinsky

These iconic images can be used during appropriate times of the year for your site. The football helmet and school bus, for example, can be ideal to use during the autumn right after school begins.

Mobile Applications
Along with websites, schools increasingly are relying on educational mobile applications to engage their students. Students in many districts are now expected to submit homework or give updates on their out-of-classroom studying via applications that are connected to their school.

If you plan on using mobile applications for your classroom, you can create unique apps by using educational graphics. Black and white vector images may be ideal for creating an app for your students. Images like a student studying at a desk or a person reading can easily guide your students in submitting homework or updating virtual study logs.

Tutoring and education black & white vector icon set

Tutoring and education black & white vector icon set

Vector images have a variety of educational uses. You can excite your students about learning and going to school by choosing from the many images available to you in our Educational Illustrations Lightbox.

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